13th Annual Hide and Go Cache

First Finders for the 13th Annual Vancouver Island Hide and Go Cache! (2017)

Total number of FTFs

Caches found, sorted by finder. See totals at bottom of page.

Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Great Canadian Bug Hatch --- HAG XIIIEventAnnieMaroo----
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Our Country of Many Colours HAG XIIITraditionalSoobaxMAdam_&_Kate
The Beachcombers: Classic Canadian TV -HAG XIIITraditionalcameracowgirlAdam_&_Kate
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Our friends in the Canadian forest-HAG XIIIMysterySheesh695BayCacher
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
One for the Reviewers --- HAG XIIITraditionalAnnieMarooBeckyBabyBubbles
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Castor Canadensis --- HAG XIIITraditionaltotemtabouCache crop
Layin Pipe: HAG XIIITraditionalislandfinderscache crop
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
One for the HAGS --- HAG XIIITraditionalAnnieMarooCacherWithTheRye
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Fathers of Confederation - Hag XIIIMysteryrockn'rollcahce_n_kerrie, HAILHOLL
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
T&W 150th Birthday - HAG XIIITraditionalTugman and WifeyCeebeecee
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
De Lunch Spot - HAG XIIITraditionalDog_CachersCrab & Mussel
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
DIANA KRALL - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropDog_Cachers & Amandazon
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
How Symbolic: HAG XIIIMysteryMike&LilyDUCKY_TWO
Maple leaf forever! HAG XIIITraditionalMike&LilyDUCKY_TWO
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
FAREWELL, LEONARD COHEN - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropEternalKarma
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Riding the Rails: HAG XIIIMysteryMike&LilyFordFender & Vicmorda
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
TRUE NORTH HAG XIIIMysteryMike&LilyFordFender, Vicmorda & CommonSense
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Alkaline battery - Canadian Inventions - HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazongrhardy3
Cardiac pacemaker - Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazongrhardy3
The Twitter Box - HAG XIIITraditionalDog_Cachersgrhardy3
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cabin Fever!: HAG XIIIMysteryislandfindersGrifung
Caches for sale or rent 3! HAG XIIITraditionalislandfindersGrifung
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Caches for sale or rent 5! HAG XIIITraditionalislandfindersHighlands_Guy
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Centennial Park - HAG XIIIMysterypaconlacellarsHingis20
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Canadian Pioneers - HAG XIIIMysterypaconlacellarsHingis20 & eltee291
I ? Geocaching!: HAG XIIIMysteryislandfindersHingis20 & eltee291
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
BEAVERS - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
Canada Bobs - HAG XIIIMysterysole seekerIslandfinders
Canadian Prime Ministers Fun Facts - HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365Islandfinders
Eh Junction - HaG XIIITraditionalDog_CachersIslandfinders
Glorious and Free- HAG XIIIMysterydiraduckIslandfinders
JONI MITCHELL - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
K. D. LANG - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
KATE and ANNA McGARRIGLE - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
LOG JAM - HAGXIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
McIntosh apple: Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonIslandfinders
MOOSE - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropIslandfinders
The Snow Blower: Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonIslandfinders
Trivial Pursuit: Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonIslandfinders
WAY TO GO, CACHERS. - HAG XIIIMysterycache cropIslandfinders
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Lenses and Pods --- HAG XIIIEarthcacheAnnieMarookiwibirdman
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Beaver Pond - HAG XIIITraditionalMtnHikerzlandchatch & Islander54
Sir John Eh MacDonald - HAG XIIITraditionalMtnHikerzlandchatch & Islander54
The Great Canadian Fairway - HAG XIIITraditionalMtnHikerzlandchatch & Islander54
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Lost Lake Viewpoint - HAG XIIITraditionalFordfenderMtnHikerz
Oregon Grapes -HAG XIIITraditionalFordfenderMtnHikerz
Scotty's Trail - HAG XIIITraditionalFordfenderMtnHikerz
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Oh Deer! HAG XIIITraditionaltotemtaboupat&rob
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Butter tarts - Canadian Inventions -HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Egg Carton - Canadian Inventions -HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Jolly Jumper - Canadian Inventions - HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Lacrosse - Canadian Inventions - HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Nanaimo Bar - Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Poutine - Canadian Inventions - HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Sugar pie - Canadian Inventions -HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonskramble, 17blonde, andronn
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
China Beach Trail info - HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365skramble, 17blonde, E1488
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
China Beach Trail 4 - HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365skramble, 17blonde, E1488, The A-Team
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Gary's mighty advise HAG XIIITraditionalDutch Chocolatestanley_loves_bacon
The Explorers of Vancouver Island - HAG XIIITraditionalThe A-Teamstanley_loves_bacon
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
The Flintstones - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTaqulik
The Hot Toddy Trail Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTaqulik
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
ANNE MURRAY - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropTeam Uptonogoodniks
Canadian Heroes: CSVFD Stn. 1 - HAG XIIITraditionalpaconlacellarsTeam Uptonogoodniks
SARAH McLACHLAN - HAG XIIITraditionalcache cropTeam Uptonogoodniks
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A Caucus Race - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
A Hookah Smoking Caterpillar - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
A Mad Tea Party! Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
All in the Golden Afternoon - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Down the Rabbit Hole Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Lobster Quadrille - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Mad Hatter Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Off With Their Heads! Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Pig and Pepper - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Pool of Tears Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Queen of Arts Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
The Lion and the Unicorn - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
The March Hare - HAG XIIITraditionalskrambleTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Tweedledee & Tweedledum Hag XIIITraditional17blondeTeam Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
The Heavily Redacted Cache: HAG XIIITraditionalislandfindersterriandnanci
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Canadian 150 - HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365The A-Team
Canadian Cryptex - HAG XIIIMysteryboomer365The A-Team
China Beach Trail 1- HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365The A-Team
China Beach Trail 2 -HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365The A-Team
China Beach Trail 3 - HAG XIIITraditionalboomer365The A-Team
Gibson HAG XIIIMysterypaconlacellarsThe A-Team
THIS IS NOT A HAG CACHE!: HAG XIIITraditionalislandfindersThe A-Team
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Every picture tells a story... donut!: HAG XIIITraditionalislandfindersThe_Geo-Travelers
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A Canadian Missionary --- HAG XIIIMultiAnnieMaroototemtabou
Brodick Park HAG XIIITraditionalwroostertotemtabou
Caches for sale or rent 4! HAG XIIITraditionalislandfinderstotemtabou
Canadian Raven - HAG XIIIMysterypaconlacellarstotemtabou
Cascading Chaos!: HAG XIIIMysteryislandfinderstotemtabou
Crazy Canadian Conundrum!: HAG XIIIMysteryislandfinderstotemtabou
Crimson Fish 2 - swimming frenzy!: HAG XIIIMysteryislandfinderstotemtabou
Ducal Connector HAG XIIITraditionalwroostertotemtabou
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Canadian Cache Stop - HAG XIIIMysterypaconlacellarstotemtabou & islandfinders
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Canada Rocks HAG XIIITraditionalMike&Lilyvanislehunters
Ties that Bind HAG XIIITraditionalMike&Lilyvanislehunters
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Basketball: Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonWrooster
Haute cuisine? HAG XIIITraditionaltotemtabouWrooster
Part of our Canadian Heritage--- HAG XIIITraditionaltotemtabouWrooster
Snowmobile: Canadian Inventions HAG XIIITraditionalAmandazonWrooster
Stone Bridge --- HAG XIIITraditionaltotemtabouWrooster
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Kanada, eh? HAG XIIIMysteryMadillZoeseadog & Dog_Cachers
Pardon my French---HAG XIIIMysterytotemtabouZoeseadog & Dog_Cachers
VIMY Ridge HAG XIIIMysterywroosterZoeseadog & Dog_Cachers



CacherTotal FTFs
Islandfinders 15
Team Uptonogoodniks & AnnieMaroo 14
totemtabou 8
skramble, 17blonde, andronn 7
The A-Team 7
Wrooster 6
grhardy3 3
landchatch & Islander54 3
MtnHikerz 3
Team Uptonogoodniks 3
Zoeseadog & Dog_Cachers 3
Adam_&_Kate 2
cache crop 2
Grifung 2
Hingis20 & eltee291 2
stanley_loves_bacon 2
Taqulik 2
vanislehunters 2
---- 1
BayCacher 1
BeckyBabyBubbles 1
CacherWithTheRye 1
cahce_n_kerrie, HAILHOLL 1
Ceebeecee 1
Crab & Mussel 1
Dog_Cachers & Amandazon 1
EternalKarma 1
FordFender & Vicmorda 1
FordFender, Vicmorda & CommonSense 1
Highlands_Guy 1
Hingis20 1
kiwibirdman 1
pat&rob 1
porchlizard 1
skramble, 17blonde, E1488 1
skramble, 17blonde, E1488, The A-Team 1
terriandnanci 1
The_Geo-Travelers 1
totemtabou & islandfinders 1
Total finders: 41