19th Annual Hide and Go Cache

First Finders for the 19th Annual Vancouver Island Hide and Go Cache! (2023)

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Caches found, sorted by finder. See totals at bottom of page.

Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Put the kettle on - HAG XIXMysteryThe Geo-Travelers17blonde, Andronn & e1488
Up sh*t creek with a paddle - HAG XIXTraditionalThe Geo-Travelers17blonde, Andronn & e1488
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Marina View- HAG XIXTraditionalSheeshAnnieMaroo
TOM'S PIPE DREAM - HAG XIXMysterycache cropAnnieMaroo
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Between a Rock and A Hard Place - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeArnieBarney
Junk in the Trunk #43 - No TotT Required!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersArnieBarney
Puzzle 3: Another Rainy Day HAG XIXMysteryThurgoodWhitechapelArnieBarney
Rainy Day Puzzle 1: Mixed Forest HAG XIXMysteryThurgoodWhitechapelArnieBarney
Rainy Day Puzzle 2: Strong Roots HAG XIXMysteryThurgoodWhitechapelArnieBarney
ROTten Cache - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeArnieBarney
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Goward Springs E- HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooArnieBarney & Oceansailor
MISSION RUN-A-ROUND - HAG XIXMultiAnnieMarooArnieBarney & Oceansailor
Park That Old Hag XIXTraditionaljustjoeeArnieBarney & Oceansailor
R.I.P. HAG MAIL - HAG XIXLetterboxAnnieMarooArnieBarney & Oceansailor
RWIG for the HAG XIXWherigoAnnieMarooArnieBarney & Oceansailor
WEIRD AND WONDERFUL - HAG XIXMulticache cropArnieBarney & Oceansailor
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Lake Erie - HAG XIXTraditionalneltrabanditz2012
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Go With The Bowker Flow - HAG XIXMultikttyquestBenicha
VICS: Swim for your life Challenge!: HAG XIXMysteryislandfindersBenicha
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
On the way to PKOLS summit HAG XIXTraditionaltotemtabouboomer365 & neltra
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Kraken at Matheson HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazoncache_curious
Rapids at Roche Cove HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazoncache_curious
Rivers at Roche Cove HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazoncache_curious
SHELLDON - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropcache_curious
Sirens at Matheson HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazoncache_curious
Watery Roche Cove HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazoncache_curious
WATERY TRAIL - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropcache_curious
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Who Else - Hag XIXTraditionaltravelswithphillycanuckdog
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Columbia River - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraCrab & Mussel
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
ABOVE THE HUBBUB - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropdeannajean674
Cattle Point Vernal Pools - HAG XIXEarthcacheAnnieMaroodeannajean674
HAG HIGH - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropdeannajean674
Majestic Cedar - HAG XIXMultiAnnieMaroodeannajean674
SEE MORE - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropdeannajean674
The Blue Bowl - HAG XIXMultijustjoeedeannajean674
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cordova Bay Rd - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeDog_Cachers
Snug As A Bug - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeDog_Cachers
Warts and All - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeDog_Cachers
Where Evil Grows - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeDog_Cachers
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Lake Ontario - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraEarthsinger
Skeena River - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraEarthsinger
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
VIADUCT CREEK -HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropErnietr
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cascade HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelFreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey
For Outstanding Achievements in Geocaching Hag XIXTraditionaltravelswithphillyFreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey
No Water Here! HAG XIXTraditionalOceansailorFreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey
There's a Water Pipe Nearby? HAG XIXMysteryOceansailorFreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey
Watch Out! Ditch Water! HAG XIXTraditionalOceansailorFreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
FENCED IN - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
100 EarthCache Challenge - HAG XIXMysteryAnnieMarooislandfinders
A Babbling Brook - HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooislandfinders
ALDER - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
BOGS ROCK - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
BOGUS - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
ECO SIGN - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
FISH - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
GOING TO THE BOG - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
GRAY WHALE - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
HAG #1 - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
Harbour Ferry Water Ballet HAG XIXMysterytotemtabouislandfinders
Many Maples - HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooislandfinders
MIND BOGGLING - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropislandfinders
OCEAN SWIMMING - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
Ocean Views - HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooislandfinders
ORCA - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
PUFFINS - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
RIVERS - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
SEAHORSE -HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
Split Rail Fence - HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooislandfinders
The Lost Treasure of Green Mountain - HAG XIXMysteryAnnieMarooislandfinders
The Water Closet - HAG XIXMultimadillislandfinders
THIS GUARDIAN REQUIRES WATER - HAG XIXTraditionalOsquashyone1islandfinders
TRUNK JUNK - HAG XIXTraditionalDog_Cachersislandfinders
URSULA - HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
Welcome to Mountain Road Forest Park - HAG XIXTraditionalAnnieMarooislandfinders
WEST COAST VIEW -HAG XIXMysterycache cropislandfinders
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Prentice Pond - HAG XIXTraditionalThe A-Teamjunglemouth1
QUARRY PARK - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropjunglemouth1
QUARRY PARK EAST - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropjunglemouth1
UP TO THE NECK IN WATER - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropjunglemouth1
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
WATER WITCHING - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropjustjoee
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A fish out of water!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderskk4864 & kmom64
Junk in the Trunk -Lemon Squeezy Edition!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderskk4864 & kmom64
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Water Wordplay - HAG XIXMysteryjustjoeekttyquest
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Water Cascade HAG XIXMysterywroosterkttyquest & CurlyQSue
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
VICS: When you gotta go Challenge!: HAG XIXMysteryislandfindersLet's Eat Chocolate
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
It's water under the bridge!: HAG XIXMysteryislandfindersliabodia
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
This cache doesn't hold water!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersLittleBabyBeans
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Lake Superior - HAG XIXTraditionalneltramerlayski
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Cordova Bay Beach HAG XIXTraditionaltotemtabouMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
Crazy Stairs - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
Just Hangin' Around - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeeMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
McMinn Park HAG XIXTraditionaltotemtabouMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
Spending money like water! HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
WALLY - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
You can lead a horse to water...: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersMommabear20 & rachelthewanderer
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
When it rains it pours!: HAG XIXMysteryislandfindersMs. Alpha & Branky
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
GLENCOE COVE - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropN. Drew
SEAS THE DAY - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropN. Drew
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
??????? Hagalicious - HAG X1X ???????EventBenichaN/A
Lakeside Clean Up - HAG XIXCITOhippykippyN/A
Mount Tolmie clean up HAG XIXCITOmadillN/A
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Phone a Friend Re-visited!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersnikitalina
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
The Gobbler!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersnudiebums
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Junk in the Trunk #44: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersSheesh, ArnieBarney & JuRuu
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A stroll in the middle of the park HAG XIXTraditionaltotemtabouSonicCrabMonster
FINLAYSON POINT - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropSonicCrabMonster
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Junk in the Trunk - TB Hotel Edition!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderstadrew & Curlyq42
Junk in the Trunk -Bye Bye Nigel Edition!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderstadrew & Curlyq42
RAIN ON ME - HAG XIXTraditionalTHEG-FORCEtadrew & Curlyq42
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Son of Nigel!: HAG XIXMysteryislandfindersTeam Uptonogoodniks
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Rivulets at Roche Cove HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonTeam.DnA
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Aquarius HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Aries HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Cancer HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Capricorn HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
COLWOOD CREEK PARK - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropThe A-Team
Fishy #1 - JIG - HAG XIXLetterboxFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #10 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #11 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #12 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #13 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #14 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #15! - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #2 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #3 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #4 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #5 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #6 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #7 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #8 - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Fishy #9 - JIG - HAG XIXMysteryFreddieTheBossThe A-Team
Gemini HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Leo HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Libra HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Pisces HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Sagittarius HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Scorpio HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Taurus HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Virgo HAG XIXTraditionalwroosterThe A-Team
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Junk in the Trunk #45 - QEF Edition: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersThe Geo-Travelers
Lake Huron - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraThe Geo-Travelers
Lake Michigan - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraThe Geo-Travelers
Magic in The Water- HAG XIXMysterySoobaxMThe Geo-Travelers
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Put that in your pipe and smoke it! HAG XIXTraditionalislandfindersThe_Incredibles_
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Power to Be - Garry Oak Meadow - HAG XIXMultiAnnieMaroototemtabou
To Lmie or Not To Lmie - HAG XIXTraditionaljustjoeetotemtabou
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A Stones Throw to the Water HAG XIXTraditionalOceansailortravelswithphilly
Another Hidden Lake View - HAG XIXTraditionalFreddieTheBosstravelswithphilly
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
A stream runs through it HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Damp Swordfern Trail HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Deluge on Quimper HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
DOES WATER - HAG XIXTraditionalDog_Cachersunclaimed
Fraser River - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraunclaimed
Juniper Trail HAGXIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Kinnikinnick Trail HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Muddy Stonecrop Trail HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Salish Sea at ESP HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Soggy Willow Trail HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonunclaimed
Thompson River - HAG XIXTraditionalneltraunclaimed
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
Hum Me a Cache - HAG XIXMysteryjustjoeewhee_hoo
Cache NameTypeHidden byFTF
T??WEN (Coho) - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
Against the Flow 1: Out of the Rain HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Against the flow 2: Forest Firefighters HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Against the flow 3: Slippery when wet HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Against the flow 4: Things are looking up! HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Against the Flow 5:Top o the Hill (almost) HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Cetus at Matheson HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonwrooster
Creeks at Roche Cove HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonwrooster
Falaise Park HAG XIXTraditionaltotemtabouwrooster
HENEN (HUMPBACK OR PINK) - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
In and Around (wth a glimpse of the sea) HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Junk in the Trunk #41 - LotR!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderswrooster
Junk in the Trunk #42 - LotR!: HAG XIXTraditionalislandfinderswrooster
Lunch by the Water HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Mermaid at Matheson HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonwrooster
No sweat! Rusty Relic HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Oh, the places you'll go! HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
QOL?EW_ (DOG OR CHUM) - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
S?O?I? (SPRING) - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
Scylla at Matheson HAG XIXTraditionalAmandazonwrooster
Sea of Salal 1: Hung out to dry HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Sea of Salal 2: Let's sit it out HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Sea of Salal 3: Stumped yet? HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
SPRING TIME - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
TE?I (SOCKEYE) - HAG XIXTraditionalcache cropwrooster
To Be Beside the Seaside 1: Shore Thing HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
To Be Beside the Seaside 2: Ferry Surf HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
To be beside the seaside 3: Take a Break HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
To be. 5: (a tree) beside the seaside HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
To be.:8 A hairy stump HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
To Be.6: a Fallen tree beside the seaside HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster
Under Cover HAG XIXTraditionalThurgoodWhitechapelwrooster



CacherTotal FTFs
wrooster 32
islandfinders 28
The A-Team 28
unclaimed 11
cache_curious 7
Mommabear20 & rachelthewanderer 7
ArnieBarney 6
ArnieBarney & Oceansailor 6
deannajean674 6
FreddieTheBoss & Roving Mickey 5
Dog_Cachers 4
junglemouth1 4
The Geo-Travelers 4
N/A 3
tadrew & Curlyq42 3
17blonde, Andronn & e1488 2
AnnieMaroo 2
Benicha 2
Earthsinger 2
kk4864 & kmom64 2
N. Drew 2
SonicCrabMonster 2
totemtabou 2
travelswithphilly 2
banditz2012 1
boomer365 & neltra 1
canuckdog 1
Crab & Mussel 1
Ernietr 1
justjoee 1
kttyquest 1
kttyquest & CurlyQSue 1
Let's Eat Chocolate 1
liabodia 1
LittleBabyBeans 1
merlayski 1
Ms. Alpha & Branky 1
nikitalina 1
nudiebums 1
Sheesh, ArnieBarney & JuRuu 1
Team Uptonogoodniks 1
Team.DnA 1
The_Incredibles_ 1
whee_hoo 1
Total finders: 44